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These crackers are packed full of super ingredients and flavor. The base of our crackers includes veggies, almonds, oats, and flax seeds. Each type of cracker has a unique flavor and it only takes a few crackers to satisfy your cravings.

Red Pepper Herb Crackers
These crackers are made with lots of delicious sweet red peppers and seasoned with rosemar..
Tomato Basil Crackers
Zucchini and tomatoes lead the ingredient list of these crackers, along with almonds, oats, and flax..
  • About us

    R.A.W. Real and Worthful is a food manufacturer in the Columbus, Ohio, area specializing in dehydrated snacks. We start with mostly organic and raw ingredients and then dehydrate at low temperatures to help preserve the nutrients and enzymes that are sometimes lost when food is heated at high temperatures.  Our product line is gluten free and made with non-GMO ingredients.  We hope you find a product to satisfy your snack cravings. 

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